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Can Naltrexone Help With Weight Loss?

low dose naltrexone
February 22, 2024

We understand the struggles and roadblocks that can hinder your ability to lose weight. Many fad diets and miracle pills claim to provide incredible results, but more often than not, they are not effective in long-term weight management. We want to share a few options you have at our local independent pharmacy that could be helpful in jumpstarting your weight loss journey. You may have heard about low-dose naltrexone and its benefits for weight loss, so keep reading to find out- Can naltrexone help with weight loss? Plus, we have a few natural supplements that can support your weight loss endeavors!

LDN & Weight Loss

So what exactly is low-dose naltrexone, and can naltrexone help with weight loss? Naltrexone was originally made to treat opioid addiction but has now been re-purposed in extremely small doses (around one-tenth of the original dose) for a variety of treatment options, from chronic pain to weight loss. It has anti-inflammatory properties with positive effects on appetite, as well as the immune system. One of the most significant ways it helps with weight loss is its ability to increase the body’s growth hormone, which is partially responsible for lean muscle mass and fat burning. It can even improve insulin resistance! As a compounding pharmacy, we can create a specific dose that is tailored to you specifically, so you can enjoy the most effective results.

Natural Weight Loss Supplements

weight loss support kit from Towncrest Pharmacy

Compounded low-dose naltrexone is not the only option you have when it comes to weight loss support. We provide a variety of high-quality natural supplements at our online wellness store. One of our best-selling products is the Weight Loss Support Kit, which contains 3 powerful supplements that can help with weight loss. This combination includes the following products:

  • Cut Back: This formula is made with antioxidants and polyphenols with ingredients like magnesium, green coffee bean extract, and a metabolic blend of lemon verbena leaf extract and hibiscus flower extract. It is designed to maintain optimal blood pressure levels, support metabolic function, as well as increase satiety hormones while decreasing hunger hormones.
  • Fit Fiber: This supplement contains a pure, natural soluble fiber that has been shown to help with glucose and cholesterol metabolism, weight control, and healthy bowel movements.
  • Alpha Berberine: This product includes berberine and alpha lipoic acid (ALA), formulated to optimize both heart and metabolic health. Its antioxidant properties help to regulate blood glucose and lipid levels, ensuring your metabolism is functioning at its best.

Health Consultations at Towncrest Pharmacy

So, can naltrexone help with weight loss? Yes, it certainly can! Our local compounding pharmacy offers private health consultations to determine your health needs and goals and find the right treatment for you. You can ask us anything about nutrition, weight loss medications, and natural supplements that could be beneficial. We are happy to be the supportive partner you need to start on a path toward better health and will be with you every step of the way!

Schedule a consultation today for support on your weight loss journey. We would love to help you achieve your health goals!